Keynesian Eternalism

Keynesian Eternalism is the name given to a movement beginning to emerge in Eternalist society, wherein the role of Government in traditional Keynesian economic models is supplemented by strategic international deficit spending by Eternalists. Eternalist philanthropists have laid the groundwork for this by establishing the Quinn-Walsingham Foundation for Eternalist Economics to independently monitor key indicators and assess the need for non-Government influences on infrastructure development and money supply.

Proponents of the movement claim that this could help improve international economic management through coordinated action in private markets to dampen the effects of overzealous adjustments by public sector institutions, or to correct for understimulation; opponents have claimed that this is just another example of the overly wealthy Eternalists needlessly shepherding the Banal, and some radical pro-death elements have even threatened to kill any Eternalists found to be meddling in short-lived affairs.

Violet Penrose

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