The Kyoto Incident

The Atredi attack in Kyoto, usually referred to in the Japanese media as the Kyoto incident, was an act of banal terrorism perpetrated by members of the Rakuen Kagirinai on February 12, 2047.

In 62 coordinated attacks, Eternalists released Atredi gas through the fire control systems in residential and commercial blocks within Kyoto city, killing 1200 people, severely injuring over 3000 and causing temporary hearing and motor control problems for nearly 10,000 others. The Atredi gas was engineered to not adversely effect those who had undergone the Eternity.8 treatment. This was and remains the most serious attack of Eternalists against non-Eternalists.

The most recent theory proposes that the attack was a consequence of Anguish experienced by 1-in-3 Eternalists of the first wave, which left undiagnosed and untreated led to the formation of cabals and eugenic agendas. Engineering and production of Atredi for the Kyoto incident was later linked to Xi'nao Labs.

Galen Rightonbark

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