"Levolanthanides are the radical ionic catalysts for all robust cryogenetic reactions. Nonetheless they are wholly inert with regard to biochemistry."
Dr Maria Yunho - ForeverBarring Accidents

Chiral salts of rare-earth elements are regularly identified as a panacea for the dissociative tendencies of Eternalists. These notions are usually dreamt up and propagated by established practitioners aiming to forge an hypothetical connection from the dynamic and expanding field of approaching immortality, to their own particular business concern. Any respectable medical investigation has been unsuccessful in establishing a substantial correlation between levolanthanides in cryogenetic reactions and a positive psychological demeanor. As Dr Yunho says fairly plainly in the statement which fired up the levolanthanide juggernaut,the heavy elements basically are untouched by, and unproductive in, the treatment.

— Pachydermis Lubulous

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