Artifice, Brontosaurus, CMXI etc. - lifeblog companies and the cyberscapes they enable celebrated 25 years of commercial success in March 2070. The unimaginable data storage capacity and emergent recall algorithms discovered by lateral thinking wide-boy Nathan Xero have given every person on the planet with a mobile phone access to virtual immortality. Starting in 2045 with the hand held Second O’Sight® scanners the cryogenetic recapsulating of environmental sound, light, heat, and pressure measures has captured replayable "instants" of people's lives in details we have yet to fully appreciate or even comprehend. Incorporation of these instants into evolving cyberscapes, along with the addition of electromagnetic spectrums and dimensions of olfaction, has seen a multiverse of virtual human experience available in living rooms everywhere. Now, with prototypes for applications such as identical cloning and teleportation pushing at the envelope to enter the real world, lifeblogging may provide an answer to the social, psychological and medical problems which plague the Eternalist/Banal schism today.

- Julian Kenrick


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