Life Valuation Movement

"The Life Valuation Movement is a collection of eternalists who argue that an eternalist life is of greater worth than that of a normal person, due to the eternalists greater scope for long term suffering and loss of happiness or years of healthy life. Due to this they claim that a crime that injures an eternalist should be punished significantly more harshly than a similar crime against a normal person. Critics of the movement have correctly pointed out that this would establish a separate legal structure for eternalists, and thus contradict the basic principles of modern liberal legal systems." - Julian Kenrick, Eternity·8: Criminal Codes

The LVM is an excellent example of self-important people reading meaning into their personal situation where none exists (cf Living Angels). Note that no "eternalist" has even turned seventy yet; and according to the Texas Study none has a "greater scope" for the "years of healthy life" than a mortal banal.

- Glenn Carlisle


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