Living Angels

"Antoinette, if I can just address that first point? The so-called Living Angels emerged from an ironically short-lived and completely unsuccessful political lobby group in the United States. Since then they've grown like a parasitic infestation into a grotesque chimera that is equal parts neo-religious cult, Eternalist propaganda wing and humanitarian protest movement with nothing in particular to complain about.

It's a ridiculous collision of ill-conceived moral agendas paraded under an incoherent slogan - I mean, come on "Preserving the Better Angels of Human Nature Forever"? Idiotic! It serves no other purpose than to be a branding tool for opportunists like adherents of risible 'artistic' movements, self-important rich swindlers and would-be literary pioneers. I'm thinking particularly of the Peter Pan pretensions of that old reptile Bernard Quindon.

- Caleb Wentner (transcribed from an interview with Your Future Tonight host Antoinette Challis)

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