Long-Lived, the

…but with the ongoing success of Worlds of Folklore seeming more exception than rule, other real games have worked on developing alternative revenue streams with which to support their ongoing gameplay.

Westmarch Ltd., in particular, uses a curious business model that allows it to not only avoid the problem of long-term dissavings by the Long-Lived (whose access to wealth is also, notably, affected longevity treatments), but to also generate profits from its ongoing play, venturing beyond the paid subscription models attempted by some failed eternaLARPs.

Perhaps the most obvious of these is the form of Westmarch's ongoing capital investment, allowing players to engage in a long-term fantasy of middle- or lower-class employment in a fictionalised middle ages. Whereas paid players typically pay an ongoing ennoblement fee, many of the other players engage in subsistence farming for the community, crafting of goods for fellow players or for sale, or other reasonably safe forms of labour. Even promotional materials for the game are printed by players using health and safety approved copies of early movable type.

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