Longevity-related Character Drift

Theorists, such as Dr Julian Kenrick, have proposed that the occurrence of Longevity-related Character Drift, a theoretical condition, would be caused by changes in brain chemistry attributable to the Eternity.8 procedure. However, there are enough issues with identifying the neural correlates of personality that any explanation of Longevity-related Character Drift via purely bio-chemical processes is unlikely.

Nevertheless, the possibility of Longevity-related Character Drift in Eternalists is interesting as an exploration of the consequences of morality and the conflict of economic and political liberties. I would claim that the Longevity-related Character Drift would be a consequence of living by Eternalist ethics.

I claim we identify with what we care about. Our values and the things we love impose obligations on us. And if we fail to live up to our values we betray ourselves. Therefore, a moral free-for-all — the true freedom that is striven for in Eternalist ethics and Eternalist communities such the Freethought Hubs — cannot allow us to express who we are; it is the constraints we impose on our choices that solidify our sense of self. Greater choice, coupled with a lack of self-control, lead to a disintegration of identity. People who have difficulty locating, articulating and adhering to their values thus have a weaker sense of who they are.

Galen Rightonbark

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