Moral Life

Do morals suffer when we remove mortality?

For the mortals and Eternalists engaged in endless arguments few discussions are more heated, with one side claiming meaning is removed, and the other defying that accusation, saying new meanings are there to be found.

Some Banal point at ESD, Anguish and aberrations such as the Theothanatos killings to make their case that a life without a decline into death defeats any inherent meaning the journey has to offer.

Grey-Lived Eternalist Irene Zanovik disagrees. “It’s all rather absurd. It’s akin to demanding a sick man not be given the treatment to combat his debilitation, instead letting him suffer until he succumbs – both the sickness and aging are natural artifacts but we treat one with revulsion and the other as sacred. Why?”

Groups such as the Living Angels contend that with greater freedoms comes broadmindedness and compassion. “If with age comes wisdom, how is more time to reflect on one’s actions a bad thing,” comments Reverend Moira Jackson.

Finally, of course, the initial question is somewhat inane – ‘forever barring accidents’, remember?

John Valentich

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