Have you always dreamed of a life amongst the stars?
Are you over 181?
Independently wealthy?
No domestic ties?

Then the MOVERS are looking for YOU!

Since the time of the First Movers, it has been an Eternalist DreamTM to have a place of our own, away from the violence, the hate, the killings.

For an initial investment of only $10 million, you can secure your place on Grönahög, the exciting new colony to the south of Lobate Debris Apron, with features including:

  • 24.5hr/day gated security
  • luxury apartment and living quarters
  • full staff
  • swimming pool
  • tennis court
  • equestrian centre
  • yacht club

Our onsite research lab and medical centre ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout our state of the art facilities.

Call now!

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