Natural Dignity

Natural Dignity founder Gloria Queen issued a statement today distancing the organisation from the recent violent protests of the World Antideath Technologies Conference, even as international police agencies revealed that detailed analyses of crowd footage and travel arrangements showed that there was significant overlap between radical pro-death and anti-globalisation protestors.

"The Natural Dignity Protest Movement does not condone violence," said Queen, "nor does it encourage this kind of protest tourism."

"It's our view that it's difficult to spread information and awareness by throwing park benches through shopfront windows."

Other protest organisations have also issued statements against protest tourism, but this hasn't slowed its growth and popularity. Protest tourism growth tends toward an estimated 3-5% growth per annum, with a peak at 12% growth over the six months before the Bremen Riots.

The net effect of protest tourism on affected areas is currently unknown.

- Violet Penrose

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