Natural Immortality

Founded at the height of the Dolphin Wars by the widely discredited 'pan-ethicist' Helmutt Olavsson, the Natural Immortality group seeks to end production of artificial immortality treatments, citing their 'impure' qualities and the threat of 'emotional putrefaction' that they represent.

Needless to say, the NI group are a laughable sideshow in Eternalist politics, but this dismissal disguises their role linking hardline Scandinavian Hegemony elements to senior party officials in China, not to mention West African militants engaged in kidnapping and slavery. MI6 intelligence reports have made the sinister - and as yet unsubstantiated - that, through these African connections, Olavsson is supplying harvested pineal glands to medical research institutes such as Xi'nao Labs. The purpose of the research is undoubtedly to isolate a new immortality treatment that can be extracted from a more plentiful source than dolphins and more cheaply than the current artificial serums.

- Caleb Wentner

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