Neo-Malthusian events

Neo-Malthusian event
(also called a Neo-Malthusian check, crisis, disaster, catastrophe, or nightmare)
A forced return to subsistence-level conditions once the growth of a population, subpopulation or social stratum has outpaced the means to sustain its society.

Neo-malthusian theorists essentially agree with Malthus that control of population is inevitable; indeed many argue hyperexponential population growth has begun or will begin soon in developed countries. However, they reject the simplistic formula Malthus presents and what key factors may be involved. For instance, the growth of a population need not be the inevitable result of human reproductive behaviours, it could also be driven by a rapid fall in mortality rate without corresponding fall in birth rate (one potential effect of wide spread access to age-retardation). Aside from agricultural production limits, Neo-Malthusian formulations also consider limits to economic growth, oil depletion, and civil control.

Galen Rightonbark

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