Oil Depletion

This twenty-first century furphy turns up as a red herring in the modern history of immortality myths with remarkable frequency. From the protest chants in Bremen 2063 to leaked Pentagon military intelligence assessments, oil depletion is never far from the rhetoric of a scaremonger. It was a mainstay of Piraticus's platform for the unilateral secession of Quebec from Canada. Rakuen Kagirinai assume oil depletion as a fact in their economic manifesto. Ever since the Futureproof Foundation's discovery of self-perpetuating Atlantic subduction fields, oil depletion proponents have only been able to muddy the waters with their doomsaying, usually backed up by some hastily paraphrased cutting-and-pasting from Wikipedia. Unfortunately they continue to do just that and the concept can still be found in the media at large, justifying everything from charity to sedition.

- Glenn Carlisle


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