Osaka stock market crash

The background events leading up to the final, fatal financial meltdown of the Japanese of 2 December 2035 remain murky. What is known is that, within 30 minutes of its reopen after closing for the holiday celebrating the birthday of Empress Toshi, a deluge of selling wiped some 60% from its value, before trading could be suspended by regulators.

By 10 am, it had become apparent that a combination of mildly abnormal profit-taking behaviour had been exacerbated by extreme abnormalities in currency markets which cascaded into panic selling. By 1 pm, eleven senior government appointees had resigned their positions, three of them - including proto-lifeblog evangelist Tanaka Kiruetsu - took their own lives on the exchange floor. The near-universally-seen footage of Kiruestu's final moments, vivified by live telemetry of fading vital signs and his own disturbingly detached commentary, remains an iconic reminder of the event.

Only recently has evidence emerged that the anomolous financial data that triggered the crash may have been created by so-called "wild AI's" of the earlier War on Technology. This has allowed intelligence agencies to draw a clear line between the war's suspected sponsors in the Brunei caliphate through to the formation of the Rakuen Kagirinai rising from the ashes of the broken Japanese economy and subsequent spiraling food prices in the 2040's.

- Caleb Wentner

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