Panbody Five

The freethought hub Panbody Five presents an interesting shift in city structure, principally arising from its complete ban on children, both age-retarded and chronotypical. The Hub lacks many of the features typically associated with small cities – no primary or secondary education, a complete lack of childcare, and a complete absence of non-emergency paediatric and neonatal health infrastructure – and instead uses its enforced childfree status to provide a relatively lax regulatory environment. Indeed, it’s often said that the community’s chief exports are pornography, deviancy, and hangovers.

Panbody Five seems to deliberately encourage this reputation.

Its capacity for highly selective infrastructure spending – even the expenses of ensuring the municipality remains child-free represent a significant saving on the costs of maintaining requisite services for children – allows Panbody Five to be a particularly inexpensive place to live, while maintaining strong incentives for desired industries, or policy-related spending. The city’s per capita sexual health spending in 2067-8, for example, was eleven times the average in developed nations. This is typically explained as a side effect of emergent sexual deviance, though the Quinn-Walsingham Foundation and Perpetual Wellness advocates have recently released modelling that shows this anomalous spending pattern to be a rational response to Panbody Five’s particular public health requirements.

Violet Penrose

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