Pro-Death Army

Its use an unmistakable indicator that a given commentator on Eternalist affairs is a political ignoramus, the expression "pro-death movement" is as misused to the point of meaninglessness as the word "terrorist", with which it is all too frequently exchanged. The range of intellectual dispositions, ideological standpoints and, yes, murderous agendas covered by this catch-all phrase is broad.

However, one can point to certain individuals and groups around whom the more bloodthirsty anti-Eternalist proponents have coalesced, but obviously we must begin with the Pro-Death Army. In reality a cell that numbered no more than twenty individuals at the height of its activity in the mid-2060's, of whom only then-geriatric Eve Fromelles was known to the public, the PDA committed a series of bombings, kidnappings and assassinations against notable Eternalists. Gabriel Ngoku's dramatic escape from the 18 March 2067 firebombing of the United Nations embassy in Nairobi was probably the turning point for the PDA. The event contributed significantly to worldwide paranoia about both Eternalists and their ideological opposites.

The Pro-Death Army effectively ceased to exist as a viable threat with the death of its leader and primary backer, revealed posthumously to be US Senator Jacob Yellowstone (D. Wyoming). His fatal heart attack during a protracted 2068 Senate debate on Eternalist manipulation of commodities markets is regarded as one of the crowning ironies of the past decade.

- Caleb Wentner

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