Proto Eternalist

Despite the fact that the majority of them are still alive, the lives and times of the Proto-Eternalists have been dramatised and made into at least two televised mini-series, three movies, and a comic book series. Each new creative attempt 'improves' upon the previous interpretations, either by incorporating new technology (such as the holographic projectors) or by providing a more complete history: until Jasmin Chalmers’s latest project (due for release in Summer 2071).

'Proto Eternalist' is a biopic of Justin Oliver - the proto-Eternalist on whom the fictional character Oliver Oliver was based - is a stark and brutal contrast to Chalmers earlier speculative fiction The Millennial Party. According to critics who have seen advanced sceenings of the film: whereas her portrayal of Oliver Oliver was highly dramatised, Justin Oliver's story is almost too raw, involving an unedited sequence showing his severe reaction to his Valley-Miniver Treatment.

Blogger Adam Zero has perpetuated the rumour that filming was delayed due to the lead actor playing Oliver's banal wife being institutionalised with symptoms of Anguish.

-Anthea Johnston

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