When the Queanbeyan Quokkas were purchased by Xi'Nao Labs, the company began a short advertising campaign in Eternalist and Banal media, looking for a team mascot.

The mascot was to be eighteen, attractive, be able to uphold the values of the team and the sporting code, and be willing to undergo longevity treatment and experimental surgery. The successful applicant would take on a number of physical characteristics of a quokka including tail, ears, and fur. The remuneration package was not disclosed.

An associated reality show was filmed by SBS in Australia, and was broadcast globally.

An unanticipated number of video applications were received from 17 and 18 year olds willing to undergo this procedure, as well as hundreds of thousands of supportive emails from transhumanists, zooanthropomorphists, and those in support of upgrading in all its forms. Hate mail was also received, but received less publicity.

When the final numbers of applications were released, Furry Rights activist Tailz was quoted in the popular press as saying, "Today marks a giant leap forward for true equality for those of us who wish to have a more authentic physical expression of our true identity. We must be vigilant, and make sure that we are not now represented in the media in merely stereotypical ways."

Tailz was immediately contacted by Team Management and offered the job as host and compare of the reality show.

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