Retrofitting, the popular name for the surgical substitution of of ostensibly-damaged (but sometimes healthy) limbs and organs with artificial replacements, enjoyed a relatively short lifespan as a viable military technology. Early experiments had their successes, as in the case of War of Technology French and Portugese HALO paratroopers whose artificially oxygenated respiratory systems allowed them to undertake dangerous infiltration operations through high-altitude jumps without the need for bulky breathing apparatus.

However by the mid 2050's it had become apparent that problems with the retrofit body parts ranged from high rates of rejection (invariably fatal) and vulnerability to malicious software (typically leading to identity theft, fraud and the often-fatal "prank" of legjacking) to a massive international black market in harvested organs replaced by cheap (and unreliable) Thai retrofits. The latter issue, orchestrated by international criminal organisations including the Rakuen Kagirinai and militias sponsored by the Caliphate, remains a serious problem in impoverished parts of Asia and South America, where retrofitting has yet to become completely discredited.

- Caleb Wentner

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