Rick Gillian

Professor Richard Gillian b.2010 — d.2067; social historian posthumously awarded the Randwick Peterson prize for a life dedicated to social critique.

Professor Rick Gillian, Chair of Social Critique in the University of California: Irvine, was one of the finest minds of our generation. Best known for his 2049 work, The Senescence of Societies, Professor Gillian published over 50 articles about the social consequences of Eternity.8's commercialisation.

Rick was born in Hong Kong in 2010 to an American Navy Officer and Filipino serving woman. When he was 10 years old, his father paid for him to attend a private boarding school in America. Rick excelled at school, and was encouraged to continue his studies into university. There, Rick discovered his keen interest in historiography and graduated from UC: Santa Barbara with a PhD thesis entitled Damned Lies: False Justifications for the 2017 War of Technology.

Rick successfully underwent Eternity.8 treatment in 2041, and turned his keen mind to Eternity.8's impact on society. Rick's ultimate conclusion — that Eternity.8 fails Kant's Categorical Imperative — was condemned by numerous Subaltern Immortality activists and Calabrese Genetic Laboratories but was upheld by the Pro-death Army, who misinterpreted his argument as a call for an immortality ban.

Professor Richard Gillian died in 2067 as a result of an airbus crash en route to Hong Kong.

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