Qan, Sho

The celebrated young adult fiction writer whose death in 2039 was widely condemned by both the emerging Natural Dignity movement and the religious right as a "deplorable stunt representing the worst of Eternalist apologism". Despite its tautological core, the argument cannot be wholly dismissed.

Qan, an Acceleration sufferer following receiving an experimental immortality treatment at the age of 20 in 2035, produced and starred in the controversial independent film by Kamal Azzarhudin, Valley of Black Wings. The film, ostensibly one of many low-budget re-enactments of Long-Lived mythological adventures, featured Qan as a villainous immortal snake-woman called Lamia. The evil character's change of heart at the film's climax culminates self-sacrifice in the heart of an lava-spewing volcano. The act appeases an unruly underworld god named Malleus, who grants the gift of immortality to the people of the world.

The death scene was filmed on location in New Zealand's Ruapehu, which had been violently active since the early 2020's. Lamia's agonising death is Sho Qan's own suicide.

Despite its ban in most countries, the film remains popular. A commemorative event involving readings from her written works and outdoor screenings of the filmis held every year in Panbody Five on the 5 April anniversary of Qan's death, where she is regarded somewhat akin to a patron saint of Eternalism.

- Caleb Wentner

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