Stanislau Mutic

Stanislau Witold Mutic (b. 2021 Gdansk -) is a celebrated Polish artist and musician at the forefront of the Art Eternal Movement, a passionate campaign against Chinese diplomatic aggression during the so-called Dolphin Wars, and the doting adoptive father of two victims of induced infantile permanence, Lena and Samwise.

He is also an intelligence operative in the pay of the sinister and volatile Bureau de Revue Externe, the extra-national intelligence arm of the Tchad Dictatorship. Mutic was linked in 2065 to the extortion of French, Canadian and Austrian trade officials through his association with model Elena Yuvchenko and to the black market trade in identities cleared for security work through the United Nations.

Suspicions abound that these and other illicit activities have financed the far more serious purchase and trafficking of weaponised biological agents and delivery systems, though substantial evidence has yet to be unearthed.

- Extract from 'Seven Eternals We May Live to Regret', published on the J'accuse! webnode (translation by Caleb Wentner)

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