Despard, Thom-Pierre

Canadian politician Thom-Pierre Alain Despard (b. Aug 2011 -) has served as mayor of Calgary, Alberta continuously since first elected on 15 June 2055. A social and economic conservative, Despard first served as a ward alderman from 2049 to 2055 under a Conservative Party of Canada ticket, where he distinguished himself as council treasurer with a record of sound financial reforms that returned the troubled cosmopolitan city's coffers from a decade-long deficit. He was elected in a landslide with a 60% majority that has grown consistently ever since.

Despard underwent Eternity.8 treatment in 2062 during his second five-year term in office. Shortly thereafter, after a public campaign closely watched and openly supported by the Futureproof Foundation, he instituted a referendum to remove legal obstacles to future re-elections, famously declaring "If Calgary wants me go, they'll say so. They don't need constitutional lawyers to speak for them." Following his most recent re-election, Despard has commenced a record fourth term in office. His popularity shows no signs of wavering.

Despard's critics have argued the legal ramifications of his 'mayoralty in perpetuity' include worrying precedents for preferential bias towards the long-lived in Canada's legal system. More broadly it has been suggested that many Western nations lack constitutional safeguards to protect against what they term "eternalist dictatorships", pointing to emerging issues in Central African republics. However many observers assert that democratic systems are ultimately self-correcting and that such immortal ruler scenarios are implausible.

- Caleb Wentner

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