1973 First record of the term Antideath by Professor Richard Badenoch.


1980 Professor Richard Badenoch disappears in the fjords of Norway.
1986 The Futureproof Foundation is established by Irene Zanovik, daughter of Richard Badenoch.
1989 Ellen Birkenhaus is born 16 November.


2001 1 December Crown Princess Aiko (later Empress Toshi of the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan) is born


2010 Professor Rick Gillian is born.
2011 John Weatherly discovers Ampleterium.
2011 Thom-Pierre Despard is born.
2012 Ellen Birkenhaus graduates from the Sorbonne.
2014 John Weatherly dies.
2016 Quebec unilaterally secedes from Canada.
2017 The War of Technology
2018 Quebec renounces it's sovereignty and reunites with Canada.
2019 The Sultan of Brunei, acquires the island of Borneo.


2020 Felipe Navarro (alias Inca Razor) is born in Arica, Chile.
2021 The Sultan of Brunei is declared Sacred Lord, worldwide Islamic leader.
2021 Stanislau Witold Mutic is born in Gdansk, Poland.
2022 Ellen Birkenhaus is convicted of the murder of John Weatherly.
2028 Cyborg punk and retrofitting is banned in EU.


Ampleterium supplies dwindle.
2032 Serum 47 is engineered by Calabrese Genetic Laboratories.
2034 Lyra Markwell is appointed as Australian Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
2035 Claudette Remy is elected President of Chad.
2035 2 December The Oskara stock market collapses, annihilating the Japanese national economy. Tanaka Kiruetsu records his suicide using primitive lifeblogging equipment.
2036 Empress of Blandings is treated with E10/80-8.
2037 Eternity·8 is announced.
2038 Acceleration sufferer Genevieve Queen dies.
2038 Lyra Markwell introduces Resolution 59928 at the United Nations.
2038 Dr Ellen Birkenhaus is killed in prison by environmental terrorist Eve Fromelles.
2038 HIV is linked to side effects associated with cyrogenetic compounds including Eternity·8.
2038 Natural Dignity protest movement is founded.
2038 Hope's Journey is published.
2039 5 April Sho Qan dies making the independent film Valley of Black Wings.


Spiraling food prices resulting in famine.
The Dolphin Wars.
2040 Claudette Remy, Perpetual President of Chad, and her militia undergo Eternity·8 treatment.
2041 Professor Rick Gillian successfully undergoes Eternity·8 treatment.
2042 Lyra Markwell is made a Companion of the Order of Australia.
2042 Runsi Haigliner, the first age-retarded child, is born.
2042 Natural Dignity protest movement produces Forever Barring Accidents
2042 Ruttergate Genetics production plants are closed for intellectual property rights violations.
2043 July 3 The local population of Bern, Kansas is massacred.
2043 Pope Felix Innocent VI is assassinated by The Darwinists, a theothanatos terrorist group.
2044 January 1 Protocol 2044/1, The Cairo Agreement, comes into force.
2045 Runsi Haigliner undergoes the Eternity·8 procedure.
2045 March 17 Nathan Xero releases Artifice lifeblogging package.
2047 The Kyoto Incident.
2047 Geneticures Foundation is established by Boris Aardman.
2046 Bernard Quindon receives Neraphrebax inoculation.
2048 Ruttergate Genetics production plants are closed for illegal cloning research.
2048 Fried and Gregory propose the Expanded Maximum Lifespan Hypothesis.
2048 Katie Pettersson protests against Eternalist Dictatorships and runs for Secretary-General of the United Nations.
2048 Felipe Navarro (alias Inca Razor) undergoes the Eternity·8 procedure.
2048 Gabriel Ngoku's first appearance on Your Future Tonight.
2049 Rick Gillian's book The Senescence of Societies is published.
2049 Thom-Pierre Despard is elected Calgary Ward Alderman.
2049 Bernard Quindon contracts acceleration.


The Global Growing issue becomes increasingly public and politicised.
2050 Gabriel Ngoku's book Eternalist Psychology: The Zettagenarian is published.
2052 Lyra Markwell campaigns to prevent Eternalists from becoming Members of Parliament in Australia.
2053 The First Movers leave Earth, several lunar complexes are established.
2054 Ruttergate Genetics production plants are closed for failing to honour upgrading warranties.
2054 Zoran Cephalus's book Ethics and Immortality is published.
2055 The Antideath Movement promotes the term "Eternalists".
2055 15 June Thom-Pierre Despard is elected Mayor of Calgary for first time.
2055 1 July Jump Rope Forever charity event commences to raise money and awareness for Eternalist medical conditions
2055 28 December Jump Rope Forever charity event is abandoned
2056 Eternalist Daniel O'Mally is executed in Texas.
2058 Inception of the Art Eternal Movement.
2059 Worlds of Folklore, a Massively Multiplayer Real Game, is launched.


Cybernetic Symbiosis Renaissance
2060 Inca Razor marries Gabriel Ngoku.
2061 The First Movers' second expansion colonises Mars.
2062 Calgary Mayor Thom-Pierre Despard undergoes Eternity·8 treatment.
2062 United Nations Conference on the Consequences of an Ageless Population.
2063 Pro-death protesters riot in Bremen. Colin Huguenot's house is razed.
2063 First case of chronopathy is diagnosed.
2063 The Life Valuation Movement is established.
2064 The Pro-Death Army is formed.
2065 Gwidir Xidane receives the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences.
2065 Stanislau Mutic and Elena Yuvchenko are linked to extortion of trade officials.
2066 Bernard Quindon publishes Dichotomies & Attitudes.
2067 Professor Rick Gillian dies in a plane crash.
2067 Dr Abraham Knife publishes 'Gently Tread We'.
2067 Dr Julian Kenrick publishes results of his study into Neural Correlates of Personality in Eternalists and mortals with disphasia.
2067 18 March Gabriel Ngoku escapes the bombing of the Nairobi UN building.
2068 Boris Aardman and Rachael Bootstropf win the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
2068 15 March Portraits of the New Royalty is published in The Guardian.
2068 US Senator Jacob Yellowstone (D. Wyoming) suffers a fatal heart attack during a Senate debate
2069 Katie Pettersson dies.
2069 Kalimantan commences national longevity treatment program.
2069 A collection of classified US Military Assessment Intelligence files are released to the Military Leaks commentary node.


2070 Calgary Mayor Thom-Pierre Despard is re-elected for a fourth term.
2070 The First Movers' third expansion sends autonomous craft to the asteroid belt, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.

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