Zoran Cephalus

Zoran Cephalus, renowned existentialist and historian, born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2009, has published more than 45 works on existentialism, including Life on the Edge of Infinity and Ethics and Immortality. He is one of the leading theorists in Eternal Philosophy, and has a history of being highly active in transdisciplinary debates around the immortality compound Eternity.8.

Due to his family's influential position within Slovenian society, Zoran was one of the first to successfully undergo Eternity.8 treatment. Unlike others involved in the first wave, Zoran has shown no signs of suffering from Anguish. There have been persistent claims by Zoran's detractors that he is a member of the Antideath Movement, but Zoran has not seen fit to either confirm or deny these rumours.

Zoran is a well-known opponent of the Cybernetic Symbiosis Renaissance, and Upgraded Eternalists in particular, arguing that the absurdity of human existence should be confronted rather than avoided through cybernetic enhancement.

Zoran Cephalus' current location is not known, but there is wide speculation that he occupies one of the many Freethought Hubs around the world.

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